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Terms & Conditions

1. Preliminary

1.1. In these Conditions of Sale ‘the Company’ means Northern Building Plastics Ltd and ‘the Customer’ means the individual, company or other party who purchases the Goods from Northern Building Plastics Ltd. Contract means the contract for the sale and purchase of the Goods made between Northern Building Plastics Ltd and the Customer.

1.2. These conditions of sale apply to and govern any contract between the Company and the Customer to the exclusion of any other conditions contained on, or in any letter order form, receipt or similar document emanating from the Customer. No variation of these Conditions of Sale shall be effective unless expressly agreed by the Company in writing.

1.3. These conditions of Sale apply to any agreement made between the Company and the Customer.


2. Pricing

2.1. All quotations provided are purely for information purposes and do not constitute a formal offer made by the Company. A contract between the Company and the Customer is only effective once the Company has delivered the goods or provided the goods to you at one of our trade counters.

2.2. All prices include cost of packaging and delivery, unless otherwise stated in the contract. Additional charges may apply, at the discretion of the Company, if the customer requires a particular packaging different to the standard packaging offered and if they require different delivery services.

2.3. The price of Goods does not include Value Added Tax, which will be charged at the current applicable rate.

2.4. All prices are subject to change without prior notice and will be confirmed in an invoice when products are despatched.

2.5. We take care to ensure that the prices of Products on our site are correct. It is possible however, that despite our best efforts, an error may occur and goods may be either incorrectly priced or described. In which case we will not be obliged to supply the goods at the incorrect price or in accordance with the incorrect description or at all. We will (at our discretion) either cancel your order and refund the price you have paid or use reasonable endeavours to contact you and ask you whether you wish to continue with the order at the correct price or correct description.


3. Payment

3.1. For all Customers (other than Customers with a credit account), full payment must be received before your order can be processed unless we have agreed otherwise in advance in writing.

For Customers with a credit account, invoices shall be due for payment according to the terms of the credit account. If payment has not been received by the fifteenth day after the due date, the Company may put a stop on the account and refuse to accept further orders.

3.2. If a Customer wishes to postpone a delivery or does not provide the Company with enough information for the processing of an order, which delays the delivery process, the Customer will be required to pay for any additional costs incurred by the company due to the changes in delivery.

3.3. Interest at the rate of 6% above Barclays Bank Base Lending Rate may be charged from day to day on all monies outstanding after the due date of payment until the actual date of payment. The Customer shall not be entitled to receive any discount referred to in the Contract if payment is not received by the due date.

3.4. All costs - of whatever nature - incurred by the Company in recovering sums due from the Customer (before or subject to the decision of the Court – after the commencement of any Legal Proceedings) shall be paid to the Company by the Customer.

3.5. All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.


4. Age Requirements for Specific Goods

4.1. Where you place an order for or otherwise purchase age-restricted Goods such as solvents and knives, you confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that (where applicable) collection will be made by a person over the age of 18. We reserve the right to cancel your order or purchase if we reasonably believe you do not meet the age restrictions for certain Goods.


5. Product Images and Size Specifications

5.1. Any information and images used on this website (and other related platforms such as Social Media), are only representative of our products and services and do not form part of any contract between the Company and the Customer and are for illustration purposes only.

5.2. All quantities and measurements are approximate.


6. Substituted Goods

6.1. If the goods ordered by the Customer are no longer available, the Company may supply Goods of equivalent type and quality. Wherever possible, we will always try our best to notify the Customer of any such changes.


7. Delivery

7.1. Delivery is available to Mainland UK. Alternatively, goods can be purchased or collected from our depot centres in Leeds and Bolton.

7.2. The Company will make every effort to deliver all goods by the next working day, as is advertised by the Company. The Company is not responsible for any unforeseeable problems (i.e. weather.) that arise and cause delay to delivery.

7.3. If the contract specifies that goods will be delivered in instalments and an instalment is delivered late, this will not allow the Customer to decline other instalments of the same contract.


8. Risks

8.1. After the goods are delivered or collected by the Customer, all risk associated with the goods will be transferred from the Company to the Customer. Until payment in full has been made, the goods are the property of the Company.

8.2. The Customer must make all reasonable effort to enable delivery to take place at the given time and place. If delivery is delayed, or delivery fails because the Customer did not take appropriate steps, the Company will try to arrange an alternative delivery date. If delivery fails as a result of circumstances within the Customers reasonable control, the cost of any re-delivery shall be borne by the Customer. If the Company is unable to arrange a date for re-delivery, it may cancel the order and refund the Customer the price paid for the goods.

8.3. If the Customer wishes to return an item due to a fault, the item must be clearly identifiable as a product of the Company. The product should be stored in a suitable environment to avoid damage to the product.

8.4. If the Customer breaches any of the terms of contract or if any payment they owe the Company is overdue, then the Company reserves the right to all goods purchased by Customer. In such cases, the Company may enter the premises of the Customer to retrieve goods.

8.5. The Customer shall have the right to resell the goods in the ordinary course of its Business and the Company shall be beneficially entitled to, and the Customer liable to account to the Company for the proceeds of resale to the extent of the debt due. Nothing in these conditions shall constitute the Customer an agent of the Company for the purposes of such sale.

8.6. The Company may require the Customer to assign to it absolutely any right of action in respect of monies due in respect of such proceeds of resale. Nothing in this condition shall counter any right upon the Customer to return the goods or to refuse, or delay payment therefore and the remedies conferred on the Company are in addition to, and shall not in any way restrict or prejudice, any other rights and remedies of the Company under the Contract.

8.7. The Company reserves the right to remove any credit facility offered without advance notification.


9. Limitation of Liability

9.1. Goods may be delivered in cartons, bundles, returnable containers, loose or in other packaging. In any case where it is established to the satisfaction of the Company that the goods have been damaged or lost (whether wholly or in part) in transit the Company will, at its own cost, repair or replace same provided that

9.2. If the goods were delivered completely damaged or were lost entirely, the Customer must notify the Company within 14 days after the receipt of invoice.

9.3. In the case of partial loss, or damage, the Customer has returned to the Company’s Representative (or where the goods have been delivered by a Carrier his representative) the Company’s receipt note duly signed by the Customer’s Representative and indicating thereon as shortage of or damage to cartons, bundles, returnable containers, loose goods or other such packages as shall make up the delivery and full particulars are notified directly to the Company in writing within 7 days of delivery.

9.4. If the products are damaged, the packaging must also be retained to show the Company’s representative for inspection. The Company will not be liable for damage or loss occurred in transit, except as indicated above.

9.5. If after inspection, the Company deems the products to be defective, the Company will repair or replace products at its own cost.

9.6. The Company will not be liable for any defect in quality of the products or any implied terms, condition or warranty, or how fit for purpose a product is.


10. Warranty

10.1. No warranty or representation given by or on behalf of the Company including any advice as to the installation quantities use or performance of goods supplied by the Company shall be binding upon the Company unless specifically stated in writing by the incorporated in the Contract.


11. Consequential Loss

11.1. Any indirect or consequential loss or damage is not the responsibility of the Company and the Company will not be liable for such damage.


12. Insolvency Loss

12.1. The Company has the right to withdraw the contract or to suspend delivery of goods and have the option (without prejudice to any of its other rights against the Customer) by notice in writing to the Customer to rescind the contract or to suspend delivery in the following events;

12.2. the Customer’s payments to the Company are overdue.

12.3. the Customer breaches any terms of the contract.

12.4. should the Customer enter into composition or arrangement with or for the benefit of, its creditors or having a receiving order in bankruptcy made against him or (if a body corporate) should it go into liquidation either voluntary or compulsory or under supervision or have a receiver appointed overall or any part of its assets, or in Scotland should the Customer become not our bankrupt or sequestrated, or a receiver, or judicial factor, or trustee is appointed, for any portion of the Customer’s estate or effects or suffer any arrestment charge pounding of other diligence to be issued or levied upon the Customer his estate or effects.


13. Health and Safety

13.1. In accordance with the S6 or the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, upon request the Company may provide information on the safety and risks of the goods and preventative measures to ensure products are safe for use. Once an order is placed, the Company will deem the Customer to have read the information for their safety.


14. Force Majeure

14.1. In the event of war, invasion or foreign enemy hostilities (whether war has been declared or not) civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power, the Company shall be relieved of liability incurred under the contract where ever and to the extent to which fulfilment of such obligations is prevented, frustrated, or impeded as a consequence of any such event or by any statutes, rules, regulations issued by any Government Department Council, or other duly constituted authority, or from strikes, lock-outs, breakdown of plant, or any other causes (whether or not of alike nature) beyond the Company’s control.


15. Waiver

15.1. Forbearance or indulgence by the Company shown or granted to the Customer whether in respect of these Conditions of Sale or otherwise, shall not affect or prejudice the rights of the Company against the Customer or be taken as a waiver of any of these Conditions of Sale.

15.2. Any contract incorporating these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the Company hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the laws of England and the Company hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


16. Returns

16.1. For details on the ways you can return the goods you have received, please see the Returns section of our website.